About EAOP

The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) was established by the University of California (UC) in 1976. In keeping with a recommendation by the California Legislature, the university began to expand opportunities for all California students, including for those who are first-generation college-goers, socioeconomically disadvantaged and English-language learners. As UC’s largest academic preparation program, EAOP assists high school students with academic preparation and with meeting requirements for admission and financial aid. The program also provides services to cultivate students’ academic development and delivers this support in partnership with other academic preparation programs and institutions of higher education, as well as with schools and districts and community/industry organizations.


The program’s goal of creating increased access for educationally disadvantaged students to UC is grounded in the philosophy that preparing for success in college is is not just an option; it is the right of all California students. EAOP students acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed at the University of California and at other institutions of higher education.

The following principles guide our work:

  • EAOP recognizes young people as resources, assets and essential contributors to effective community development and social transformation. As such, they are to be nurtured and supported.
  • Youth are more likely to cope with challenges and adversity when they are supported by a caring adult; good role models; a safe, supportive environment; and opportunities to learn and contribute to family and community.
  • All young people must develop skills to learn self-sufficiency, assume family responsibilities and become engaged citizens. To that end, EAOP encourages leadership, extracurricular activities and participation in community service.
  • The most successful approaches to personal development will be cultivated in partnerships between young people, their families, educational providers and the community.



EAOP participants, their families and the educators in EAOP partner schools receive timely and appropriate information to prepare for, or to assist more students in preparing for, a postsecondary education.

Most of our EAOP students will be the first in their families to go to college. In addition, they often attend schools that lack a college-going culture. College knowledge activities are intended to show students and their families and educators the value of a college education and how to prepare. We seek to promote a college-going culture in the family and surrounding community as well as in the schools.


Academic advising is the cornerstone of EAOP. Students and families need help making an academic plan for high school that will lead them to postsecondary achievement and career success. Early interventions can make a critical difference in helping students to improve their academic performance.

The advising component includes support for students in completing the requisite A-G roster of courses. Educators and advisers conduct real-time analysis of the steps students need to take to become competitive applicants. This work ideally takes place in a one-on-one format so that individual students receive targeted instruction and advice based on their specific academic profile and goals. However, it is acceptable to conduct group sessions, preferably with students grouped by academic performance or by need.


Working with students to educate them about financial aid is one of EAOP’s most significant roles. Once students understand the basics, EAOP staff members will help them fill out the application. They might work individually with a cohort senior in a target high school, or on a group level at a large-scale district event with hundreds of non-cohort students and parents/guardians.


The goal of EAOP enrichment activities is to provide students access to programs/activities that they would otherwise not be able to experience. These are leadership and learning activities that will expose students to a college setting or facilitate other enrichment goals.

EAOP offers academic preparation programming to expand students’ knowledge and mastery of rigorous coursework. In addition, students participate in enrichment programs and services that expose them to essential academic experiences to support their post-secondary success.

I don’t know where my life would have been without EAOP helping me. My EAOP advisers were role models, supporters, mentors and advisers. They made me work hard and didn’t take any excuses. They encouraged me to always excel more.
Guadalupe Santoyo, Mt. Eden High School,


EAOP will provide information and resources to families and community-based organizations to support participants in their college preparation efforts. In addition, EAOP will encourage each to engage in activities and services that will allow them to become knowledgeable about highly selective institutions like the University of California.