Student & Alumni Profiles

Hezekiah J. Burton
EAOP Alumnus, UC Berkeley

"Outside of taking numerous AP classes at Skyline High School, I made sure to engage in many of EAOP’s enriching and supportive programs throughout the years..."

Upinder Kaur
EAOP Student, Pittsburg High School

"EAOP helped me become more independent. PCA was a type of experience that I never had before. It helped me look at the life of college students..."

Diego Perez
EAOP Student, San Leandro High School

"EAOP is helping me prepare for my admission and success in college by making sure I am doing the best I can in class, keeping me on a good work schedule..."

Tanisha Randhawa
EAOP Alumna, UC Berkeley

"College is my stepping stone to not only a (hopefully) fantastic career but also to accomplishing my aspiration of making a positive impact in the world..."

Angelie Salas
EAOP Alumna, UC Santa Cruz & NYU Steinhardt

"In times when I stopped believing in my greatness EAOP was there to uplift me and helped me see the bigger picture..."


Phone: 510.642.2364
Fax: 510.643.5827

Early Academic Outreach Program
University of California, Berkeley
Hearst Field Annex, Building C
Berkeley, CA 94720-1060



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Notice! - During this unprecedented time, our concern for our students and their families remains our priority. While we are not providing college advising services in-person due to school closures, our programs are committed to serving students, partners, and communities virtually. Please watch this space for additional resources as well as connect with your local college advising staff for additional information.