Tanisha Randhawa

EAOP Alumna, UC Berkeley
I am from Hayward, California and I attended Mt. Eden High School. During high school, I was part of the instrumental music program. I was very involved in its leadership team, as I was secretary sophomore year, vice president and assistant drum major junior year, and co-drum major senior year. In addition, I co-founded the 1,000 For U Club at Mt. Eden and was its vice president for two years, my junior and senior year. This was a club that aimed to provide educational supplies for students in need in developing nations across the globe. I was also president of the California Scholarship Federation in high school during my senior year, informing students about academic opportunities concerning their high school and future college careers. Moreover, I was a member of the Science Club and engaged in volunteering by tutoring fellow Mt. Eden students and participating in the Keep Hayward Clean and Green (KHCG) Task Force, in which I picked up trash in local neighborhoods and communities.
Going to college is a major opportunity for me to not only gain academic knowledge but learn how to develop my leadership skills, professionalism, and so much more. I love to learn and college is the perfect place for me to absorb information and apply it to solve real-world problems, whether its as minute as figuring out the best place to spend meal points or as impactful as providing people in Peru with clean drinking water. College is my stepping stone to not only a (hopefully) fantastic career but also to accomplishing my aspiration of making a positive impact in the world.
My career goal is to become a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. I am currently dreaming of working at Tesla, but we'll see how that works out. I dream of changing the world for the better, which is a broad statement that basically means I want to improve the world in some way. I am, of course, focused on making my positive impact through engineering and am more interested in global and/or international issues than domestic ones. The issue of clean water is one that I plan to do research on in the near future in order to find ways to make it more accessible for everyone.
I truly believe that one of the main reasons I was accepted to UC Berkeley was because of EAOP. From Pre-College Academy (PCA) to SAT Academy, this program really prepared me for college better than I could have asked for. In my personal statement, I wrote about how the Thinking Engineering course I took during PCA led to the founding of the 1,000 For U club, which probably would not have happened if it wasn't for EAOP. PCA allowed me to take classes that opened my eyes to societal issues as well as prepared me for curriculum in my later high school and college years. It also provided me with information and knowledge about many resources for the college application process, including SAT Academy. The SAT is something that almost every college-bound high school student stresses about, but with SAT Academy, I was very satisfied with my results as the program helped me boost my score by 400 points!! I ended up scoring above 2200 due to the wonderfully awesome instructor I had, Jeremy Cohen (yes, I still remember his name because he was that great). Overall, EAOP is the most remarkable opportunity I experienced during my high school career, and it is something that I encourage every student to be a part of because it definitely shouldn't be missed out on. The things they do for students is extraordinary and I am very grateful to have been a part of this program.


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